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Photo Diary: Made In America Festival

Made In America Festival 2

Entrance selfie wearing MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick

For Labor Day Weekend, I returned to Philly for my second dose of Budweiser’s Made In America music festival. The musical guests are curated by Jay-Z and the result is a diverse roster with something fitting for every taste. My favorite part about this particular festival is that it is still young so it is not as crowded and overwhelming as the larger and more established festivals like Coachella and Ultra.

Chromeo Made In America 2

Chromeo Made In America


I love discovering new music at festivals. I get the opportunity to listen to artists I normally wouldn’t hear or would stumble upon in my normal day to day life. This was the case with Chromeo. Their sound was very ’80s and their set was so fun and energetic.

Made In America Festival 3

Folks were hanging from the light post during their performance (turn down for what?!). 
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