50 Points

Welcome to my new blog! My ultimate vision for this space is to empower women. I will continue sharing my beauty videos if you are looking for some tips to refresh your swag and expand into different areas like fashion, health, entertainment and travel. By documenting my journey, it is my goal to inspire you to live the life you dream about. But most of all…I want it to be fun!

To start this new chapter off I’m sharing 50 random things about me/things I like:

  1. 80s baby/90s kid
  2. Brooklyn girl
  3. Dominican family
  4. One sibling (younger sister)
  5. YouTuber (see my beauty videos here)
  6. Instagram obsessed
  7. Dancing
  8. Summer
  9. MAC
  10. Urban Decay
  11. NARS
  12. Make Up For Ever
  13. Topshop
  14. Asos
  15. Rebecca Minkoff
  16. Zara
  17. Kanye West
  18. Rihanna
  19. Beyonce
  20. Champagne Papi
  21. Aventura
  22. Coca-Cola over Pepsi
  23. Green tea over coffee
  24. Light cheese pizza
  25. Pasta
  26. Dessert
  27. David Sedaris
  28. Daria
  29. Breaking Bad
  30. Lost
  31. Mad Men
  32. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  33. Seinfeld
  34. The Office
  35. Game of Thrones
  36. Music festivals
  37. Punta Cana
  38. Miami
  39. Cabo
  40. Madrid
  41. Barcelona
  42. Disney
  43. Clueless
  44. Mean Girls
  45. The Godfather
  46. John Hughes movies
  47. Judd Apatow movies
  48. Martin Scorsese movies
  49. Leonardo DiCaprio
  50. Adrian Grenier

Let’s keep getting to know each other. Stay tuned for more randomness to come 🙂

5 thoughts on “50 Points

  1. Congrats Cindy!!! This looks greats and you are AMAZING!!! The world is in for a loving, powerful surprise with all that you have to give! I am glad to be apart of it! 44444

  2. You look fabulous!! Congratulations and keep going! I’m very happy that you are doing what you’re passionate about — do it everyday. Cindy, I would love to collaborate with you and design some fun jewelry pieces for a future photo shoot. Reach out to me when you’re ready.

    Amazing Cindy — 4444

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